Apple Pay Seen as a Luxury, Niche Service in China
Apple Pay Seen as a Luxury, Niche Service in China
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More than half of female internet users in China don’t own an Apple device

Nearly half of internet users in China don’t use Apple Pay because their current mobile payment tools meet all of their requirements, a February 2016 survey found.

Research from YouGov looked at reasons that internet users in China do not use Apple Pay. One of the primary ones was because they do not own an Apple device.

Breaking it down by demographic, over 40% of female internet users in China are satisfied with other mobile payment tools, while 37% of males surveyed are. About one in five respondents across both genders say they prefer mobile payment tools because of their ad-on functions, which do things like transfer money to friends.

Meanwhile, across age, there are a multitude of differing reasons why internet users prefer not to use Apple Pay. While 29% of 18- to-24-year-olds say their current payment tools meet all requirements, a quarter also say they feel Apple Pay would be more of a niche service vs. the full roll-out of Chinese services.

Older users overwhelmingly prefer their current services, not only because they meet all requirements, but also because of the ad-on functions.

January 2016 research from the Economist Corporate Network (ECN) found that consumers are likely to use mobile payments?including payment services?at least sometimes.

So while there is most certainly a large base of smartphone and internet users who are anxious to use mobile payment services, it’s clear that, for Apple Pay to increase its market share, it needs to appeal more to consumers who believe their current service to cover all the basics.

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