Facebook Is Top Social Choice in Indonesia
Facebook Is Top Social Choice in Indonesia
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Facebook is king of the social networks among younger adults who use the mobile internet in Indonesia, but Instagram is not far behind, according to January research.

Mobile research firm JakPat found that 87.5% of mobile internet users ages 16 to 35 used Facebook in the past week. That made Facebook the top social choice. Facebook-owned Instagram came in second, with 69.2% of respondents-far ahead of Twitter, at 41.3%, and the only service besides Facebook itself to reach a majority of respondents.

▲ Leading Instagram Activities of Instagram Users Ages 16-35 in Indonesia, Jan 2016 (% of respondents)

Facebook held the lead and Instagram held its second-place spot among subgroups broken out by age. A high of 73.8% of respondents ages 20 to 25 used Instagram. Its reach was lower among 30- to 35-year-olds, at 55.8%.

Touching up and posting photos, however, does not appear to be one of the top uses of the visually focused mobile social network in Indonesia. Users were most interested in exploring other accounts: Checking out accounts oriented around online shopping and jokes were the only Instagram activities with a majority of users participating.

Posting travel photos was nearly as popular, however, at 48.4%.

eMarketer estimates that Indonesia will be home to 82.0 million social network users this year, up 13.5% over 2015. About three in four will use Facebook. More than nine in 10 social network users in Indonesia check out social sites via mobile phone.

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