Changes at the top at lesswire GmbH
Changes at the top at lesswire GmbH
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Rocco Mertsching was appointed to the lesswire Company's management board in April, along with Rolf Prettl.

“According to current studies, the Internet of Things is set to involve some 50 billion items by the year 2020. This development supposes enormous potential for our company”, says Mr Mertsching, alluding to the fact that many of these products have yet to "learn" the ability to communicate with each other. "And this is precisely where we start…", he explains. “We create products that allow our customers to network.” He considers the company to be well-positioned in this respect, with its current range of mobile routers and gateways, plus its modular telemetry platform.

“This is all part of our consistent cross-over approach, as it allows basic technology developed by us to be implemented in different markets.”

lesswire's main focus here is on the transport, industrial, medical and building automation sectors, with agriculture and avionics likewise presenting themselves as potential target areas.

Expertise and capacity are both being expanded carefully, with a view to tackling outstanding development tasks. The company's newly-inaugurated Contract Engineering Division in the German city of Freiburg is part of this initiative. The basic development facility in Erd (Hungary) is also being expanded.

As a confident Mr Mertsching states:

“Our ability to meet our customers' needs, while keeping up with the rapid pace of technological development, will be of decisive importance for the continued success of lesswire”.

As an experienced manager with a successful track record of key posts at several big-name companies in the automotive supply industry, he knows what he is talking about.

The demand for wireless solutions made by lesswire is growing, with positive customer resonance to match. This shows that lesswire is on the right track. Mr Mertsching nevertheless continues to remind his team of their obligation: “If we are to achieve sustainable success, we need to put our efforts on a broader market footing.”

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