Bosch is bringing more intelligent viewing to your screens
Bosch is bringing more intelligent viewing to your screens
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[CCTVNews=Dong-hoon Shin] What can you learn about something in a few seconds? A person’s name, perhaps, or a car registration. But for the latest Bosch AUTODOME IP moving cameras, a few seconds is all it takes to create a detailed picture.

Typically, the main criteria for a video security camera was the number of pixels and frames per second, but Bosch AUTODOME IP cameras with their built-in Essential Video Analytics and pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) function are changing the way video security is viewed.

Data makes security smarter

Data collection has become the norm but, on average, just 10 percent gets used. Bosch believes that 100 percent of data should be used, which is why the new AUTODOME IP cameras now feature built-in video analytics as standard.
The additional metadata helps customers improve and personalize the information for their security (setting specific alerts, for example) and other uses.

Your security. Your rules.

Everyone has different security concerns, so the latest Bosch AUTODOME IP cameras make it possible to set specific alarm rules to deal with particular requirements. They can even be configured to recognize changes in speed and body shape.

Find that crucial moment, from hours of footage, in seconds

In the event of a crime, having video footage is invaluable, so we’ve made finding footage quick and simple.

The forensic search feature on the AUTODOME IP range can be used to search through low-volume metadata, allowing instant retrieval of vital footage from hours of archived video. It enables you to retrieve evidence quickly and simply, eliminating the need to watch hours of video footage and making it easier to manage than ever before.

Security cameras that also monitor running costs

All Bosch AUTODOME IP cameras deliver Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and Intelligent Streaming which, combined with H.265 video compression, can reduce bitrate by up to 80 percent, making video data retention more manageable, whilst reducing network strain and storage costs.

The AUTODOME IP 4000i – Inside intelligence

Specifically designed for indoor use, the AUTODOME IP 4000i is very discreet, seamlessly blending into any interior décor. It comes with full pan and tilt control, plus 12x optical zoom in 1080p resolution at up to 88 meters, all at an impressive 60 fps.

The AUTODOME IP 5000i – There’s no hiding place

For larger surveillance areas, indoor or outdoor, the AUTODOME IP 5000i has a 30x optical zoom, 1080p resolution and 60 fps video, so fast-moving objects can be identified at up to 190 meters, even under poor light conditions.

The AUTODOME IP 5000i IR – Enlightening, even after dark

The AUTODOME IP 5000i IR delivers the same excellent performance as the 5000i during the day. For after-dark use, it has a built-in infra-red beam to ensure optimum illumination, regardless of zoom level, and is ideal for larger areas as it can identify objects at up to 150 meters.

Discover how much more can be seen beyond the screen

Bosch AUTODOME IP video security cameras provide a cost-effective way to access information that goes beyond conventional security applications.

Just as security is a priority for you, security innovation is a priority for Bosch.

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