NTT Com to Strengthen Enterprise Cloud and WideAngle Security Services with Fortinet
NTT Com to Strengthen Enterprise Cloud and WideAngle Security Services with Fortinet
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NTT Communications Corporation(NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT Group, announced today the immediate launch of a software security appliance service that can be deployed in a customer’s private cloud, and in the near future via NTT Com’s WideAngle security service for managed security.

The service, which is being offered in collaboration with Fortinet, security appliance company, enables the on-demand use of basic security functions, such as cloud intrusion prevention system(IPS) and filtering, for the unprecedentedly fast, flexible and low-cost implementation of security measures.

NTT Com is the world’s first telecom service provider to launch a one-stop service for managed security service using Fortinet’s software security appliance. It is being offered as a new option in NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud service for mission critical systems.

Security measures are becoming increasingly important as companies shift their ICT to the cloud. Conventional measures using hardware security appliances are inadequate, because companies are not able to respond quickly and easily to security alerts as a result of these virtualized environments.

NTT Com, in collaboration with Fortinet, will now meet these needs with a low-cost managed security solution for virtual environments as well as operating system.

The one-stop service combines basic security measures such as IPS and URL filtering, plus antivirus and antispam measures for emails, as well as managed security for virtual environments in a customer’s private cloud and NTT Com’s WideAngle cloud.

Advantages = Quick, flexible on-demand security : A portal site enables customers to directly activate/deactivate security functions and set security policies and security measures which will be extended later. Consulting on recommended security policies is available upon request for customers who lack the necessary expertise.

Cost-saving security measures : A secure virtual environment can be established at low cost thanks to virtualization and the all-in-one packaging of necessary security measures, which tend to be expensive when implemented individually. In addition, security measures and the on-demand virtual environment can be used on a pay-per-use basis.

High-quality managed security : High-quality security measures can be established with a unique security information and event management(SIEM) engine designed by experienced security analysts to provide automatic analysis and reporting. In addition, a separate WideAngle option, Maximum Segment Size(MSS), is available for customers who prefer to outsource service configuration and administration to NTT Com.
Pricing = Enterprise Cloud : Integrated security appliances(IPS/IDS, Web antivirus, e-mail antivirus, URL filtering and antispam mail) for one quarter of the cost of comparable hardware security appliances, including free setup: Compact (throughput 200Mbps): 98,200 JPY per month, Large (throughput 400Mbps): 167,800 JPY per month

WideAngle : Estimates provided on a per-customer basis.

NTT Com will launch a software security appliance for web application firewalls (WAFs) after the 2015 first quarter and additional functions after the 2015 second quarter. At the same time, NTT Com will continue to provide its Enterprise Cloud hardware security appliance as another security option offering high availability and high throughput of up to 1Gb/s.

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