IDIS is shortlisted in the Security & Fire Excellence Awards Final
IDIS is shortlisted in the Security & Fire Excellence Awards Final
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[CCTVNews=Dong-hoon Shin] IDIS is shortlisted in the Security & Fire Excellence Awards Final.

The IDIS Smart Failover automatically ensures no incident is ever left unrecorded, therefore negating the need for costly maintenance call outs for retrieval of SD cards.

IDIS proudly announces that it has reached the esteemed finals of the Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2017 in the CCTV System of the Year category. The finalist position builds on the array accolades as well as innovations that IDIS has brought to market since the company’s brand launch in 2013.

James Min, Managing Director, IDIS Europe

For nearly twenty years, the Security & Fire Excellence Awards have consistently broken new ground in highlighting the very best people, projects and processes that the security and fire sectors have to offer.

IDIS Smart Failover was shortlisted by a panel made up of industry experts, consultants, practitioners and end users. Following debate and discussion using rigorous and established awards criteria, IDIS Smart Failover was evaluated based on innovation, performance and cost effectiveness with the field of security.

IDIS Smart Failover means that when a network video recorder (NVR) and IP camera are disconnected the camera’s SD card instantly begins recording and automatically transfers the data to the NVR after recovery, leaving no incident unrecorded.

When the NVR and IP cameras are disconnected, the camera’s SD card begins temporarily recording. As soon as the camera-to-NVR connection is restored, the NVR resumes recording. Better yet, the footage from the camera’s SD card will transfer to the NVR automatically, leaving no incident unrecorded delivering seamless recording and peace of mind for end users.

In addition, in the event of a loss of connection, a 32GB SD card inside the camera will record at a pre-configured profile until 50% of the card’s capacity is used, after which the IP camera automatically controls recording profiles to guarantee 24-hour recording, which IDIS named 24 Hour Smart Save.

Commenting, James Min, Managing Director, IDIS Europe, said: We are thrilled to have been recognised again by our industry peers at these prestigious awards with yet another IDIS innovation that improves upon common industry offerings by enhancing ease of use and affordability.

“With a typical surveillance system, when there has been a connection loss the footage from the SD card will need to be retrieved manually particularly if the camera is situated on a ceiling, in a casing or on a mounted pole. This means a maintenance call out for the integrator and cost to end user. Together this means IDIS Smart Failover builds upon the IDIS promise of a low cost of ownership for the end user and profit protection for the installer.”

and “We look forward to celebrating with our customers and industry peers on 22 November as the London Hilton on Park Lane and enjoying what is due to be another great networking opportunity and social event.” Min added. 

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