DVR Compact Chassis with 2 Drive bays and micro-ATX motherboard for Industrial Further Data Processing
DVR Compact Chassis with 2 Drive bays and micro-ATX motherboard for Industrial Further Data Processing
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AICSYS Inc, an IPC manufacturer for Industrial Ruggedized Chassis has expended their Compact Chassis for DVR line. WMC-402M is an industrial grade chassis with multi-functional purposes. This is a wallmount/desktop type of chassis: WMC-402M, specifically designed for PC based Digital Video Recording system for public security, safety monitoring, transportation, and access control including further processing applications in animal, forestry, agricultural farming, and fisheries oceanography.

Digital Video Recording (DVR) applications over the years have progressed from time lapsed cameras, recording video directly to a tape medium, for security applications to digital recorders for the consumer market such as TiVo for the home. The technology has changed and improved, the Industrial PC market has seen an overwhelming influx of projects/applications that are DVR based; the largest contributor being the events on 9/11 to present. Countries worldwide have evaluated security and surveillance programs currently in place, and found the need to implement newer technologies not only in government facilities but in the private sector as well. The traditional DVR system has now become much more ruggedized, AICSYS' WMC-402M - “Hawkeye” DVR Chassis provides just that type of platform. A typical DVR application such as Video Surveillance for a Maternity Ward in a Hospital provides the perfect environment for theWMC-402M. The Hospital needs to monitor each patient's room, the nursery, and the access point to the floor. Depending on how the WMC-402M is configured, each system can process up to (4) separate inputs (cameras), because of its' unique the design the WMC-402M can be easily mounted and concealed in the most unique places.

WMC-402M is constructed by heavy-duty steel, it supports standard MicroATX motherboard, one external 5.25" drive bay for ODD drive, one internal 3.5" drive bay, and space for additional one 3.5" drive, sufficient for small digital signage and video recording system management. One super Low-noise 8 cm fan ensures excellent airflow for superior system cooling while maintaining the silence and tranquility in the data storage space. The system is powered by SFX Power supply up to 400W which is sufficient to support the fully-loaded system. WMC-402M is definitely the perfect choice for DVR surveillance system in commercial and industrial areas.

AICSYS Inc could provide our customers with a complete system integrated solution for your projects based on nearly twenty years of IPC manufacturing experiences and market technical know-how, especially on OEM/ODM projects.

Contact us today to see what a difference an AICSYS solution will make to your next project.

■ Product Features
- Heavy duty Steel Constructed
- Industrial Shoebox Chassis can be mounted vertically or horizontally
- Lockable Front Door
- (1) 5.25" drive bay for ODD
- (1) 3.5" drive bay for HDD
- Space for additional one 3.5" drive bay
- (1) 8cm Low-noise ball-bearing fan with space for one additional fan Up to 400W SFX Power Supply

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