Almost Half of Marketing Emails in Australia Are Opened on Mobile
Almost Half of Marketing Emails in Australia Are Opened on Mobile
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Open rates are nearly one-third

Marketing emails in Australia sent on the Vision6 platform were opened most often on mobile, according to a July 2016 Vision6 report. Nearly half of all marketing emails were opened via mobile devices.

About a quarter of all emails were opened via desktop applications, with another quarter opened via webmail. That suggests the mobile vs. PC-based open share are about even, but with fragmentation on the PC side.

While Gmail is the primary email client for nearly 40% of email users in Australia, the varieties of Outlook clients make up about another 40%. The rest use Apple Mail.

Nearly a third (31.9%) of all marketing emails sent on the Vision6 platform in Australia are opened; the clickthrough rate is 4.8%. Friday sees the most emails sent.

Engineering saw the highest open rate of any industry, at 61.2% of all emails sent by Vision6. The clickthrough rate was 6.7%. After engineering, open rates for industries declined; insurance emails saw a 42.5% open rate, while government and defense emails saw a 41.3% open rate.

An Experian Marketing Services report from April 2016 revealed that the total open rate for emails among Experian Marketing Services clients declined from July 2015 to December 2015, though click-to-open rates stayed level.

IBM reported in July that 2015 open rates for marketing emails sent in Australia and New Zealand combined were 32.9%, significantly higher than the 21.8% worldwide average. Clickthrough and click-to-open rates were also above average-but so were hard bounces and unsubscribes.

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