Smartphones Are Main Mobile Gaming Devices in China
Smartphones Are Main Mobile Gaming Devices in China
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A typical gamer plays one to three sessions daily

The mobile gaming population in China shot up a few years ago, and growth rates have now fallen, according to 2015 research. The substantial population of primarily smartphone-based gamers may be getting more active.

▲ Mobile Gamers in China, 2011-2015 (millions and % change)

According to DataEye, nearly 400 million people in China played mobile games last year. That figure was up about 11% over 2014?growth that amounted to nearly 40 million additional mobile gamers. But these are tiny increases compared to earlier changes, like in 2013 when the mobile gaming population grew by nearly four times.

The bulk of this audience doesn’t spend a huge amount of time playing: 40.6% of mobile gamers played for less than 10 minutes a day in 2015. Just 15.2% played for an hour or longer each day. The typical gamer plays one to three sessions daily.

Other research suggests smartphones are the main device for mobile gaming.

▲ Mobile Gamers in China, by Device, 2015 (millions)

Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) estimated in November 2015 that 191.7 million mobile gamers in China played on smartphones alone. An additional 84.4 million played on smartphones and tablets.

Earlier research has indicated that monthly time spent with mobile games has been rising in China. And the bulk of revenues have been driven by Android-based devices.

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