Most have used a tablet, though mobile phones are their device of choice
Most have used a tablet, though mobile phones are their device of choice
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Mobile phones are the most commonly used digital devices among children ages 6 to 14 across Southeast Asia, according to November 2015 research.

Polling from kid and teen discovery platform SuperAwesome found that 70% of internet users ages 6 to 14 in Indonesia had ever used a mobile phone?and that was lower than usage rates found in any other country studied. In Singapore and Thailand, for example, 87% of internet users in the same age group had used a mobile phone.

▲ Digital Devices Ever Used by Child/Teen Internet Users in Southeast Asia, by Country, Nov 2015 (% of respondents)

Usage rate for laptop computers were lower throughout the five countries studied in the region, ranging from a low of 40% in Thailand to a high of 68% in Singapore. Desktop usage rates tended to be even lower, though desktop usage surpassed laptop usage in Thailand.

Tablet penetration tended to fall between PC and mobile phone penetration, and ranged from 53% of kid and teen internet users in Vietnam to 74% of those in Singapore?which had among the highest penetration rates for most devices studied.

The survey found that respondents across the region focused their mobile activity most in the afternoon and early evening, when a majority of respondents said they favored mobile phones over other digital devices.

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