WhatsApp and other Instant Messaging Apps absolutely free for a day
WhatsApp and other Instant Messaging Apps absolutely free for a day
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This is how ChatSim is celebrating its birthday with customers and toasting to growth

The innovative SIM card created by Manuel Zanella to chat with WhatsApp and all Instant Messaging Apps - even without Wi-Fi - is celebrating its first year as a start-up with over 150,000 SIM cards sold and a new investment of USD 2.6 million.

ChatSim is one year old and it is celebrating this major milestone with a special initiative for all its customers: WhatsApp and other Instant Messaging Apps absolutely free for a day!

All ChatSim users will be able to exchange unlimited text messages and emoji according to their plan, as well as photos, videos and voice calls without having to worry about using data traffic!

For 24 hours, starting from midnight on January 21 (GMT - Greenwich Mean Time), connecting to WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat and other IM Apps will be free for all customers who have a ChatSim card.

ChatSim also has a special offer for new customers: the first year is free for all those who purchase a ChatSim on its birthday!

A video dedicated to this special event has also been launched for the occasion. Be the first to watch the video!

It is a way to make the company's first birthday even more special, as it celebrates its growth with the excellent results achieved: more than 150,000 SIM cards sold around the world during the start-up phase and a series of investments amounting to over USD 2.6 million.

Precisely one year ago, on January 21, 2015, Manuel Zanella launched WhatSim (which later became ChatSim), the world's first SIM card that lets users chat free of charge and without limit using WhatsApp even without Wi-Fi!

A few weeks later, WhatSim became ChatSim at the request of many users so that it could be used with many other Instant Messaging Apps (Messenger, WeChat, Line, etc.).

An absolute first on the international Instant Messaging scene whose face has been changed by ChatSim - now the world's first "Instant Messaging Mobile Operator". How?

“First of all, ChatSim has made the use of chat apps available and affordable for all users,” explains Manuel Zanella(39 years old), ChatSim CEO. “This sophisticated SIM card is designed to chat with all IM Apps and not just with certain apps. And without limits to send text messages and emoji even without Wi-Fi-an absolute first on the IM scene. This way, ChatSim is the solution to the bothering issue of roaming costs when traveling abroad (thanks to the partnership with 250 operators in over 150 countries)with huge benefits for consumers who are making increasingly less phone calls and sending more messages via chat as demonstrated by the latest data.”

For some time a major change is in progress in the world of telecommunications and in social communication more in general. A change that Manuel Zanella has been able to foresee with perfect timing and great intuition.

According to analysts in the Mobile and Social sectors, in recent years there has been a huge growth in Instant Messaging services, resulting in a drop in phone calls, which are now obsolete. And specially young people are driving this change.

As Zanella points out, “According to data released in a Deloitte study, a third of young people aged 18 to 24 years in developed markets does not use mobile devices to make phone calls. Voice services no longer appeal to users. Text messages are still used, but they are followed close behind by IM chats, e-mail and social networks. The most interesting finding is that Instant Messaging is spreading like wild-fire, faster than any other application: the population of adults who today use services like WhatsApp has doubled between 2012 and 2015, rising from 27% to 59%.”

In this scenario of transformations and innovations, ChatSim has succeeded in carving out increasingly significant space for itself because it has been able to timely meet the increasingly pressing demand of users to communicate easily and at an affordable price anywhere in the world.

And the orders from around the world keep on rolling in online for the purchase of this trail-blazing SIM card.

“With the latest injection of investments in December, the brand's growth and development is continuing,” states with satisfaction Manuel Zanella who offers some eye-opening data about the key markets.

“ChatSim's 'physical' distribution network is spread across 50 countries, while the card has been sold online in 120 countries” explains Zanella. “Hong Kong ranks number one in sales. Italy ranks second, followed by Spain, the United States and Brazil. The UK comes in sixth, followed by Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia.”

ChatSim will be at the ‘Mobile World Congress’ in Barcelona (February 22-25, 2016) where it will present some major novelties.

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