Vennetics and Announce Strategic Partnership Agreement
Vennetics and Announce Strategic Partnership Agreement
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Partnership is set to deliver the most advanced HDMI Video Streaming Dongle available on the market today

Vennetics, an innovator of telecommunications and Video on Demand applications, today announced it had entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement with, a global multiscreen platform provider for the broadcast and media industry.

The focus of the partnership will be the integration of Vennetics groundbreaking ‘K-Box’ VoD aggregation technology into's ‘CastCatcher’ HDMI product range. The result will be the most advanced white label HDMI Video Streaming Dongle available on the market today.

HDMI dongles are fast becoming an attractive option for operators to deliver their Video services to their subscribers but there are no options for advanced unified interface delivery on HTML5. working with Vennetics, believe that they have come up with an optimum solution for operators.

CastCatcher not only includes built in support for Digisoft's multiscreen secure client applications across all mobile platforms, but thanks to K-Box it now also provides an aggregated view of the leading and most popular Video on Demand (VoD) providers, such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play and Hulu. The solution then uniquely curates the video content from the catalogs into one easy to use user interface. This unique combination enables the delivery of an advanced, white label, multi-screen VoD solution that matches the evolving entertainment needs of today's connected viewer.

“This alliance allows us to meet the needs of operators thinking about OTT multi-device strategies where previously content acquisition was cost prohibitive or a barrier to entry.” CEO Fearghal Kelly said, “There is a cultural and technological synergy between Vennetics and which is apparent in our joint product offerings.”

Kieran Dalton, Chairman of Vennetics commenting on the partnership said; “Vennetics is delighted to be working with an innovative company like Digisoft on new Video on Demand solutions. When we designed the architecture of our K-Box platform, we wanted to make sure that we would not be prescriptive in terms of the application platform. Mobile device form factors continue to evolve and an increasing number of users are consuming VoD content from smart TV platforms, games consoles and other STBs. The K-Box capabilities are entirely platform agnostic and the applications running on the Digisoft HDMI dongles provide further evidence of this.”

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