SK Telecom Participates in Mobile World Congress 2015
SK Telecom Participates in Mobile World Congress 2015
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SK Telecom announced its participation in the 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress to be held from March 2 to 5, at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain.

Under the theme of “Journey to the New World of Innovation,” SK Telecom will showcase advanced network technologies aimed at accelerating the evolution towards 5G; introduce 5G platforms in five different areas, namely IoT, location-based service, intelligence, commerce and Big Data; and unveil new consumer-centric IoT devices, or Lifeware, developed to bring innovative changes to people’s daily lives.

SK Telecom will demonstrate 7.5Gbps data transmission through 3D Beamforming technology using millimeter wave (mmWave)* frequency bands. Due to saturation and fragmentation of frequency resources in bands below 6GHz being used today for mobile telecommunications, technologies that enable the utilization of mmWave frequency bands will play an important part in realizing early commercialization of 5G.

The company will also showcase new telecommunications technologies, including Fast Data Platform for Network, T Oven and Quantum Cryptography System to enhance the completeness of the 5G network system.

Fast Data Platform is an innovative platform that prevents service quality degradation by collecting and analyzing Big Data generated by the network, and T OVEN is a technology capable of orchestrating a virtualized network.

Quantum Cryptography System is by far the best data security technology as it uses quantum mechanics to prevent hacking of data in transit unlike the traditional data security technology that uses a cryptography algorithm based on prime factorization. The system, once commercialized, will open a new paradigm in security of national backbone network, financial network and medical information network.

At this year’s MWC exhibition, SK Telecom will also suggest how people’s lives will be transformed in the 5G era through innovative platforms designed to maximize the value of the 5G network.

Mobius, an open IoT platform based on oneM2M standards, offers advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications (M2M). SK Telecom will demonstrate SK Planet’s Weather Pong, a real-time weather information system that provides weather updates and forecasts through sensors installed in SK Telecom base stations.

The company will also showcase Beacon-based LBS Platform, a platform that utilizes beacons and highly accurate indoor positioning technologies to provide optimal location-based solutions. At its booth, SK Telecom will use Google Glass to allow visitors to gain first-hand experience of a beacon-based indoor location service that shows work manuals on Google Glass by identifying the accurate location of the user. Moreover, it will also unveil Connected Beacon, a mesh network created by beacons that can be remotely controlled via Internet connection, and Smart Beacon Light, an LED lighting control feature realized by applying the BLE Mesh feature to lighting.

Be-Me Platform is an intelligence platform that provides smart personalized services by analyzing information collected through various sensors embedded in user’s smart devices, location information and network access information. Built with an integrated algorithm, the platform can determine the user’s current situation and predict future actions. At MWC, SK Telecom will display Eggo-Mate, a personal assistant service that writes diaries, schedule meetings and sends messages on behalf of the user.

Smart Shopper is a commerce platform built with IoT-based telecommunications technologies to allow users to enjoy cartless shopping at retail stores. It makes shopping more convenient for customers by allowing them to use a designated device to scan barcodes on products and have them delivered to their homes.

T Hadoop DW is a Big Data Platform that can analyze unstructured data and flexibly scale up server resources depending on the amount of data that needs to be analyzed. SK Telecom has improved the performance of the platform by utilizing its extensive knowhow in real-time data traffic management.

SK Telecom will suggest a new Mobile Life through Lifeware, IoT devices developed to enhance customers’ convenience and well-being.

At this year’s MWC, SK Telecom will introduce for the first time Smart Band, a stylish wearable device, which not only notifies users’ of incoming calls, SMS?MMS, emails and SNS updates, but also promotes their health through activity tracking and motivation-enhancing features; and Smart Hearing Aid, a Bluetooth earset developed to better serve customers with hearing loss. It comes with a specialized app that enables users to fit the hearing aid to their specific hearing loss and hearing needs, after which they can enjoy high-definition voice calling and listen to music stored in their smartphones.

Furthermore, SK Telecom will also display Smart Beam HD, a laser pico projector; Linkage, a smart Wi-Fi audio; SolarSkin, a solar-charging smartphone case; and T Kids Phone JooN, a wearable phone for kids.

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